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Are you facing the “diagnostic dilemma” ? You are not sure which tool to buy ? We can help you.

Our approach is quite simple. We offer you an array of diagnostic tools geared to the environment in which you work i.e. the makes of vehicles that predominate in your business. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Land Rover

 Made in Germany
Hella-Gutmann Mega Macs PC

The technology applied on automobiles today changes continuously. The European passenger cars are especially known to incorporate the most advanced technology that exist in this field. To service and repair this category of automobiles special tools and professional knowledge are needed.

Hella-Gutmann Mega Macs PC offers what a shop is looking for; precise diagnostics and detailed technical information. Small but robust, the MM PC is capable of wirelessly communicating with a personal computer where the diagnostic software has been installed. Beside the excellent diagnostic capabilities, the program provides wiring diagrams, mechanical drawings & schematics, service info, component location, and much more …   

The latest software update, 2016.00, has increased the performance of the CDP Plus by far. Beside the well-known diagnostic capabilities, the Autocom CDP+ now offers a huge amount of technical data that provides the user with “know how” information and “hidden solutions”, which is necessary in a busy shop environment.

Freeze Frame data - Fault code information has been enhanced with freeze frame data for a number of brands and models. This gives more information regarding the circumstances around the fault code.

VIN decoder up front - The very useful function VIN decoder has been placed in the starting view of the program for easier access.

Integrated HaynesPro database - a massive amount of technical information is available just with a few clicks. Navigating through a well organized and professional database is an easy task. The user has access to very useful info like recalls, technical bulletins, easy fixes, guided diagnostics & tests, step by step repair procedures, and the list goes on.

Autocom CDP Plus - User friendly - Intelligent - Fast & Reliable - Original Data - Extensive database - Technical information - 
Component location - Technical bulletins - Guided tests & diagnostics - Electrical schematics etc.


TEXA’s famous diagnostic software IDC4E, acclaimed by tens of thousands of mechanics around the world, has been completely renewed! New attractive intuitive graphics, easier selections, new functions, etc ...

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TEXA offers a diagnostic SW for high end cars like Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini etc. The Navigator TXTs equipped with Car Premium diagnostic SW is a good and affordable investment for shops that service and repair a wide range of European automobiles. Contact us for more info about TEXA Supercar diagnostic tool coverage.

Who hasn’t heard the claim: Our tool offers manufacturer diagnostic capabilities.

How true is that ? Well, there is no aftermarket diagnostic tool that performs the same way as a “Dealer” tool does. Never was and never will be! Stating otherwise is a “stretched” statement. The automobile manufacturers spend millions to develop very specific diagnostic tools and they protect their investment fiercely. In today’s world where the Internet has become an open market for counterfeit products, anyone can buy “cloned” products that imitate the OEM diagnostic tools. These low cost, cheap made products already have limitations and in many cases are source of serious problems created on the vehicle’s electronic network. We strongly suggest you to look for a tool that comes from a known name/source and does what claims to do. We at OBD Monitor are committed to offer you products that carry the stamp of quality, genuinity, expertise and guaranty that comes as a standard feature when dealing with serious players in the automotive aftermarket diagnostic industry.

At OBD Monitor you will find an open and reliable source of your diagnostic needs. We test the performance of the devices we sell in daily basis and know the product from inside out. Furthermore, the diagnostic tools and equipment we sell come from leaders of the automotive diagnostic sectors that stay behind their products. For more info please navigate through our website.   

Thank you !

Beside the advanced diagnostic capabilities the Mega Macs PC offers technical info, wiring diagrams, component locations, solved problems etc.

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this product click HERE.

Handheld stand alone or PC based diagnostic tool, which one should I buy ?

Every technician has their own preferences, and something that works well for a certain business environment may not work as well for another one. In general, both system offer more or less the same diagnostic capabilities, but of course, they have quite a few differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Thoughts about stand alone, handheld diagnostic tools

Do you need a robust device that you can use without worrying too much about your dirty hands ? Then the handheld tools are the way to go. The modern stand alone diagnostic devices provides a touch screen and hard buttons. You can operate the device using your “oily” hands by pressing the specific buttons. In general the standalone tools are faster than the PC based ones. Also these platforms are ready to use tools, you will just need to register the tool, connect the tool to the DLC and you are ready to go. The software update procedure is simple too. The weak point of this platform is that if something goes wrong with the tool, for example, a damaged screen, connector or hard button, you will not be able to run diagnostics. You’ll have to send the tool to the distributor, if the unit still has any warranty left. Otherwise, start searching for a new tool. Also the “add on” functions are limited on this platform.

Thoughts about dedicated tablet version diagnostic tools

During the last years, several companies have introduced dedicated tablets as display units of their Vehicle Communication Interfaces. These tool kits offer a greater mobility around the vehicle thanks to the Bluetooth communications with the VCI. Furthermore, this combination provides different specific applications that are not possible on traditional handheld tools. For example, links to third party information, Internet navigation, cameras etc. You can expand the functions of these systems by adding a Pass Thru device (an oscilloscope etc.). Continuous and easy SW updates are bonus features as well. The relatively big screen make these tools easy to use and gives better impressions to costumers. Usually, the display devices do not come equipped with hard buttons. The only way of using them is the touchscreen. The weak point of the dedicated tabled diagnostic tool system is that if something goes wrong with the display unit you will be in big trouble. You will have to send it out for repair or, replace it. This is translated into business loss and extra expenses.

Thoughts about PC based diagnostic tools

These tools are becoming more and more popular. The majority of automobile manufacturers use these tools as standard diagnostic devices. These kits consist of one VCI and a program that turns a personal computer, desktop, laptop or tablet, into a powerful diagnostic device. Some of the concerns related with this platform are:

- You’ll have to install the diagnostic program yourself, sometimes following strict requirements

- Slower communications and diagnostic speed when compared with other systems

One of the advantages this platform offers, is that if something goes wrong on the computer with the program, you can easily install the program on a different computer, and the problem is solved; you’ll have a fully operating tool again. Most of the PC based systems are automatically updated during the period that you have a valid software licence. The only thing you need is Internet connection. Another point that separates the PC based diagnostic tools from other platforms is that you can use computer’s capabilities/functions to create your own database, store info for future reference, forward to your costumers work reports etc.  

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The Navigator TXTs is a complete and versatile diagnostic tool that can be used to diagnose and service cars, trucks & commercial vehicles, buses, motorcycles & ATVs, boats & jet skis, agricultural vehicles etc. For more information about this device click on the respective field:


The  Navigator TXBs is a new diagnostic device capable on working on powersports and marine engines; it represent the newest technology available on the market. For more information about this tool click on the respective field:




Training seminar on how to replace the clutch on Ferrari and Maserati automobiles. This is a hands on course during which the attendees will have the chance to learn the trade tricks and secrets. The objective of this seminar is to provide the necessary info needed to avoid expensive repairs and bad experiences resulting from mistakes made during the clutch replacement.  

Contact us to get more info and book your place. Limited spaces available.


- Special Price for TEXA Motorsports and TEXA Marine diagnostic tools

- Special offer for Hella Gutmann Mega Macs PC

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“Our tool offers dealer level diagnostic capabilities”. Is this statement realistic ?